Follow My orders!

Morning of May 19, 2017

Some mornings are busier than others I must say. This particular morning I woke up to my OttawaPup crying for a permission to go pee, the Chast in Vancouver having a free day begging me for a permission to edge and my loyal Puppy in Calgary texting me about being horny just from thinking about worshiping my ass! But I’m not complaining. This is what being busy like a Queen is like!

The reason why my OttawaPup was asking me for a permission to go pee was because the night before he decide to put a dildo up in his man pussy without even asking for my permission! Boys are so impatient! To teach him obedience he was ordered to ask for a permission to do anything that has to do with his locked up pindick and “MY” asshole ( because once I take your ass virginity it automatically belongs to me). But since I am the Queen and wake up whenever I want to, I decided to sleep in till noon this morning! By the time I opened my eyes to check my phone my boy had been waiting for me to reply for over an hour JUST TO GO PEE! He waited patiently like a good boy should. Even if your Queen is enjoying her sleep you do not break the rules! Because if you do you will have to take your punishment, all my boys know that very well and do not complain about it. It was absolutely entertaining to me but this is what you get for disobeying the Queen the night before. I laughed and gave him permission to go. He was happy to finally release his pee!

I made the Chast edge himself all day worshiping my perfection. But as you all know my rule “You must suffer pain before you get the Pleasure” and so he suffered all day! I even allowed him to watch my new video “Queen’s CBT instructions” and he absolutely loved following my instructions in it!

My loyal Puppy in Calgary never came through to worship my ass because he was leaving town that day, or so he was supposed to. Until he found out his head light was broken and he ended up fixing it all evening. We will be meeting next Monday! I can’t wait to pound his man pussy after he gives me a good massages and worships my feet, legs and ass properly! And all that after he brings me a sexy cash tribute!

Now, while all my good boys are in line because they have been exposed to my disciplinary measures there are those men out there who truly need a good old school discipline! Like the one who emailed me an e-transfer with a deposit for his first femdom session with me. His fetish requests were spanking, foot and body worship, nipple torture, light CBT and seeing me with my strap-on. What a disappointment it must have been for him when his session never happened due to his lack of manners and respect to a superior woman! It is unbelievable how many things a man can do wrong in one morning. I will make an example of this untrained confused little boy and will share with you all the faulty behaviors that will lead to loosing your deposit and the chance to serve the Queen in person!

The thing this untrained sub did WRONG:

  1. He did not book 24hr in advance. WRONG! You can not expect me to be ready to see you unless I am prepared for our session and know exactly what time I need to be free and ready to take over your body and soul!

  2. He sent me an e-transfer with a deposit at 8:46am. Then cancelled it because I did not reply to his 3 emails and 3 text messages till noon because I was sleeping. WRONG! Never send me money and then cancel it because I didn’t have a chance to accept it yet. I had to make him send another transfer which could have saved us both time if he didn’t cancel it in the first place!

  3. He did not answer “Yes, Mistress!” to my order to bring me flowers. WRONG! But I can forgive a sub who is new to my Queendom and is not aware of all my rules yet. I did order him 100 whips to adjust his attitude. After that he said Yes, Mistress!

  4. Do not take up too much of my time messaging me prior to our session. Use short clear sentences and straight to the point when you are conversating with the Queen or her assistant. His overall use of language and manner of conversating with an Alpha Female was not to my liking at all. He also requested caning and I told him to bring me a new cane. For that he called me “amateur mistress”. WRONG! This was the last drop of my patience! I told him for this I will kick his ballsack in public right outside of my building and in front of all my neighbours to set an example for others. I even wanted to have my apprentice Lil Lady film it. But of course, He did not have the balls to show up after I suggested that. Because men who act obnoxious behind their phones are actually the biggest sissies and do not have the courage to face what they truly deserve.

  5. Since his talk sounded very immature and the seriousness of his intentions of coming to actually serve and please the Queen was questionable at this point, I commanded him to bring a picture ID so I can make sure he is of a legal age. To what he replied “I do not have one. I am 14.” with a laughing face! WRONG! Do not try to joke with me. Your jokes are not funny unless I say they are. He called my phone about 30 min before his session and when LilLady told him he must bring his picture ID he simply hung up on her which is extremely rude!

  6. His last text was “Really u are armature” (I believe he meant to say amature). WRONG! Deflecting on me your own faultiness is not the way to grow into a bigger man. I am not bothered by assaults from boys in general, especially when they are immature! I got his deposit and he got absolutely nothing! Someday they will all learn, I hope!

The moral of this story is:

Do not fuck around with the Queen or you will lose your money and a chance to ever serve my highness in person! I do not tolerate Disrespect, Rudeness, Selfishness, Greed and attempts to top from the bottom. To me all men are weak and useless, unless they serve strong women and can take the pain I inflict on them!

After all my day was fantastical! I had $100+ sale on my Iwantclips store and a new fan on OnlyFans.com. Thanks to all my online admirers! I do appreciate all your compliments and comments! At the end of the day only my good boys matter because they earn their privilege to be around the Queen through servitude and obedience!


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