My Trip To Vancouver

Some of you already know that I am planning to go travel for a while and started to contribute towards My happiness in this regard. My virgin foot bitch, for example, sent 3,000 USD into My Bitcoin wallet last month to cover My flight and a 4 night stay in a 5 star hotel in Budapest, Hungary where I will be visiting from October 28th till November 1st.

He sacrificed all his loser savings to make this happen and he is only a student, unlike some of you grown men who still ask for discounts. Please understand that asking Me for a discount makes no sense and you will be ignored. I do not work for you and I do not provide you services just because you send Me money. I am a Financial Dominatrix and I am allowing you to send Me money. It brings Me tremendous pleasure to take your money and completely deny you. This has been My lifestyle since 2016. It's how I have fun with My men. I share My likes, dislikes, fetishes and interests on social media and on My website with you and if you feel the urge to serve Me like My owned slaves did then you must beg to earn such privilege just like all others did. You must purchase hundreds of My videos and send thousands in tributes before even speaking to Me. To Me, you are just another loser and I allow you the privilege to serve Me in the ways that sometimes aligns with your favourite fetishes, however it is only up to Me when and what you get in our arangment and you must never expect anything from Me. The less you expect, the more you will get. If you want My attention, you must pay for it. You must demonstrate how strong your desire to serve Me is. I'm a self sufficient Woman and need no man to take care of Me. Paying Me is a privilege and I accept your gifts and tributes out of My kindness. If a man wants to be in a D/s relationship with Me but he is not contributing towards My happiness than there is no need for such a waste in My QueenDom.

Read carefully in the screenshot below from Wikipedia that explains what Financial Domination is. "In financial domination the submissive has no expectation of sexual contact in return for the money, and often there is no physical contact of any kind between the two parties." If you are not familiar with the power dynamic in Financial Domination, please educate yourself before floating My inbox with your ignorant questions.

Now, that we have it clear that you must pay if you want Me to reply to your messages, I will share some details about My awesome road trip to Vancouver last week. I had to go to the Consulate General of Switzerland to apply for schangen visa to enter Hungary and I decided to drive there. I could have taken a plane but I love advantages and I really enjoy Canadian scenery between Vancouver and Calgary. Not so much between Calgary and Montreal, which I did all by myself back in March 2016 and I was on the road for 4 days straight without renting a hotel. Brutal, I know but I love challenging Myself and that is why I always challenge My slaves as well. Every time they do something they didn't think they were capable of doing they feel empowered and accomplished. It makes them tougher overall and I want My slaves to be tough because I don't let them rest when they are serving Me in person. My puppy knows this very well. He had the privilege to serve Me in person twice already and that is because he has been a good boy and he pays for everything I order him to pay for.

My road trip went very well. I prepared for the weather and I got new winter tires on My car right before I left. I'm super happy with new tires. They have a much better grip than My old ones and you can send $689.68 tribute to reimburse Me for them if you want to be a good boy. I left Calgary around midnight on October 1st, so I could get to My hotel in Vancouver around check-in time on October 2nd because I wanted to film new clips for My losers. I arrived to Delta hotel in downtown around 3pm and had plenty of time to shower, get ready and film over 16 videos that day. And you can send Me $275.83 tribute to reimburse it if you appreciate the time I put into filming clips for you to jerk off to. In the morning I had My visa appointment which was successful and then I met up with a friend from the past who paid for My lunch because he is a true gentleman and he knows how to treat women with Respect. Then I had some other business to finalize in Richmond where I found this very neat cafe where I had a very delicious desert and very tasty Cream Caramel tea which My loser virgin already paid for.

I didn't get on the road back to Calgary till about 4pm, so I decided to make a stop in Kelowna area for the night. I rented a cute hotel room at Summerland Waterfront Resort and filmed 5 more videos in the morning even though I arrived late the night before. I love being productive and I always try to film in every hotel I stay because it changes the scenery and the background. Plus, I know I will make money by selling them to you. Send $172.03 to reimburse Me!

I checked out in the afternoon and the sun was out. I had a nice long ride along the Okanagan Lake and stopped in Kelowna for lunch at Cactus Club restaurant by the yacht club which was great. Send Me $47.39 tribute to reimburse it. I had their tuna stack and liked it so much, I ordered it out twice already since I've been back in Calgary. Send another $40 to pay for that as well. Yes, I can pay for all My expenses, but I receive extreme pleasure when loser men pay for everything because men are providers and they must pay for everything, so I don't have to. Otherwise, there is no point for your existence in My QueenDom.

The weather was sunny and I stayed in Kelowna till around 4pm and then started driving back to Calgary. Overall My trip was very pleasant. I would not recommend you do it because driving 10hrs+ one way and back the next day is not for weaklings.

Just think of how much I spend in a day and then compare how much you spend on Me in a day. If the numbers don't match than you are not doing it right. You must spend as much or even more than I spend in order to make sure that I never spend a dollar out of My savings.

Let's finalize the total I spent on this 3 day trip:

Winter tires - $689.68

Gas - $200

Hotel - $447.86

Meals - $63.52

Total: $1,401.06

Now you can pay for one item or pay for the entire trip. Bitcoin is My preferred method of tribute. Find My Bitcoin wallet address in tribute section. If you don't have bitcoin yet, you can send a tribute at iWantRussianQueenM.com using your credit card.

Also, send Me $60.23 to reimburse for the green screen that I just ordered. I have some new ideas for My videos and I want to experiment with different backdrops while I'm still home this month. And since I filmed 21 videos on this short trip, look out for My new clips. I will be editing all week. Make sure to buy them and pay your $100 Cum Tax!

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~ RQM ~

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