Surrender your Manhood!



5 simple steps towards Your new life

as my chastity SLAVE:

STEP 1. Send initial $100 tribute


STEP 2. Purchase your chastity device at


STEP 3. Lock your useless cock in My Chastity cage using plastic lock or mail me your key

STEP 4. Send me your $1,000 monthly tribute and ONLY THEN


STEP 5. Email me videos/pictures as a proof and wait for my instructions

From now on you must earn your orgasms! You must please me in every way I demand!

Every time you want to get my permission to have a release you must do all or some of these:


#1. Pay My bills*  

          #2. Send Me tributes     

                  #3. Reimburse My receipts*

                        #4. Buy Me gifts off My Wishlist


* regularly check my twitter for updates to see what needs to be reimbursed and paid for.

If you disobey at any moment of your chastity training,

you will have to complete a humiliating task as a punishment 

and pay Me



For $10, 000 Tribute I will keep you locked up for 365 days!

***Best Deal***



You may purchase your brand new chastity cage at using My promo code FORRQM




And don't forget  to watch my chastity encouragement clip

"Locked In lust"

to help you started with your chastity training! 
















  if you wish to be My slave